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After a long struggle, the flyover was finally opened on May 18, 2013 by JP. Watch the YouTube video of JP's speech during the opening.


If there is one problem we can highlight in Kukatpally, it is the vexed issue of the HITEC City flyover. A third of the complaints we received were about this issue. A few people asked us to travel during the rush hour to know what the pain is. Some of us volunteers did and are well aware of it.


A small sample of JP's continuing monitoring of this issue: News Item 1, News Item 2 and News Item 3.


Instead of giving abstract speeches about the 'system', this is an attempt to list out the origin and progress of this issue so that the citizens can see for themselves what we have done and what we have not done.


The story of the HITEC City Flyover


  • The flyover was sanctioned in 2006. As is usual with government projects, the route was checked only superficially and it was not completely analyzed. The construction commenced.

  • When the construction approached the railway lines, the railway department got involved and objected. Since the flyover would go over their proposed electric lines, they put a hurdle that the construction cannot proceed. Now we have a deadlock.

  • This is when JP got elected (2009). JP and team realized that political pressure will not work because the railway department will simply show the rules that the existing design violates the railway rules.

  • With his vision and experience JP understood that dead lock will not be resolved soon, so he immediately worked on providing a temporary solution by converting the existing culvert road to one way and constructed a new road under the next culvert near Indu Project. This provided temporary relief as the traffic under the railway culverts become one way. But as the surrounding population grew exponentially, the traffic jams started again.

  • In parallel, we now started pushing the HDMA department to come-up with an alternate design. HDMA agreed to start working on the alternate design. It took a few months to see this through and in an example of what we were doing in the interim, JP had to make nearly 40 phone calls to get the design file passed. The design was approved in mid-2011.

  • Now we have the design but there is no budget. We had to find sources for the funds within the department. In a specific instance which all volunteers remember, we had to move between 4 offices on a single day like a chase scene in a movie to get signatures from four principal secretaries. Finally in October 2011, we have the money.

  • We have a new design and the budget and the next step is for all the departments to agree to it. But the rivalry is so high that it took months and months of effort and meetings to make them sit and agree to all aspects. This finally happened in 2012.

  • 2012: Things were all set and all indications are that the flyover will be completed in 2012, the bulk of the construction happened in this year. JP also met the CM twice to ensure that there are no more delays. Things got delayed for a few months because of unforeseen issues like the non-availability of high grade steel in the market when it was needed.

  • 2013: Victory finally! The final stages also needed enormous coordination with the railway schedules as trains had to be diverted when work on the track was being done.

    The local MP Mr. Satyanarayana acknowledged JP's efforts for getting the HITEC City Flyover ready. We are highlighting this because the MP does not belong to Loksatta. Click on the below image for a bigger version.


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