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Lok Satta Leaders


What is the biggest complaint about Lok Satta? There is no other leader except JP.


But this is not true! There are tons of able leaders among our cadre from all corners of the state.


Read all about them and their interesting interviews by clicking below!


Constituency Promotion Project


You have seen first hand the amount of work we did in Kukatpally. We want to replicate this throughout the state.


There are Lok Satta teams working at the ground level in several areas to spread our agenda and ideology.


Read all about it!


Lok Satta Times


The mainstream media which is fixated with live telecasts of film-star weddings does not seem to have time for us.


So we decided to do something about it. Lok Satta Times is a bi-weekly magazine that conveys the happenings of all things Lok Satta!


Click below to know how to get it!


Save Farmers


Why did the top leadership of Lok Satta risk arrest for farmers?


Why did we engage in yatra to sell grains across state borders?


Click below to find out!


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