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Yearly Progress Report as of 2013


This is the comprehensive report of all works till 2013.



As a corollary:


  • Please read the in-depth interview of the local representative Sambi Reddy that explains the effort and the challenges (Link)
  • If you prefer, you can watch the interview posted on YouTube - Part-1 (13 minutes), Part-2 (7 minutes)


Major and completed works are highlighted below. For every completed work, there are 10 more in-progress or proposed items on the agenda. Doubters can use this list and check locally - we cannot hide development!

  • Water works: A pipeline in Moosapet that was pending since 2005 has been completed at the cost of Rs. 70 lakhs. Another pipeline was laid in the Hasmathpet areas at the cost of Rs. 1.2 crores. This has benefited hundreds of residents in the area

  • Schools: We conducted a survey of all existing schools in Kukatpally and constructed 60 classrooms and 74 toilets. We covered all schools and if there are any schools without toilets, it is because of lack of land. The entire project's cost was Rs. 3.6 crores

  • Electricity: A new 132 KV line has been laid from IDPL to Kukatpally at the cost of Rs. 1.6 crores. We completed the installation of 160 transformers in 7 divisions of Kukatpally. We installed more than 10,000 sodium vapor lamps, a first for Kukatpally

  • Lakes and Sewage: We employed a private agency and completed the fencing of IDL lake (a first for Hyderabad). Fencing for Mullakathva lake is going on and is nearing completion. Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) have been completed in Prasanthi Nagar and Begumpet and a new STP is nearing completion near IDL

  • Community and Greenery: Construction of 14 community halls is completed and 7 of them were inaugurated by JP recently. We completed the construction of compound wall for nearly all the 32 parks. As part of the Green Kukatpally movement, new greenery has been introduced in 17 parks

  • Roads and Transportation: Recently the widening of road was complete near Hi-Tech City flyover and cost nearly Rs. 40 lakhs that includes the construction of a new BT Road and a culvert. Construction of Hi-Tech City flyover started only because of the impetus of JP. A new flyover near Balanagar has been sanctioned recently

At the 2-year mark, it can be confidently said JP's win made a positive difference to Kukatpally.

While there has been progress, there is also some criticism that people's expectations are not being met. This is due to a combination of factors - lack of publicity for the developmental works, limited powers of an MLA, the slow pace of bureaucracy and the lack of volunteers to follow-up on efforts. Please note that some of the work like the construction of Sewage Treatment Plants is invisible to the public but is a must for urban living. It also takes some time to see the difference. For example, one of the main complaints of the local residents is the traffic jams - we are very sure that with the completion of the Hi-tech City flyover construction (which was jump started by JP), people will see a difference.

The work being done in Kukatpally is significantly more than anything any other MLA is doing for his constituency. Everything that has been done so far has been done in a clean manner without a trace of dishonesty, bribery or graft. Also, JP has been donating his entire monthly salary as an MLA to maintain the party office in Kukatpally.

Please also do your bit and spread the word.
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